frequently asked questions



What kinds of services do you offer and who do you serve?

Wander Creative exists to serve brands and businesses. We create content for you and help share your brand story. That’s the primary focus of this space! For any and all brand or business, there are 4 main categories Wander photographs and helps market:

 >> Purpose (why do you do what you do? what’s the heart behind your business?)

>> Process (how do you do it? people love behind-the-scenes!)

>> Portrait (who’s the face behind the brand or business?)

>> Product (let’s style your products in a creative way)

Wander Creative serves retailers, bloggers, jewelry makers, florists, artists, restaurants, pop up events, and brick + mortar spaces. If you need help visually showcasing any of the above four categories (or all!), get in touch and let’s get a shoot on the calendar.



I’m a small online brand and it’s just me: do you have smaller packages that can fit my needs?

I too am a small brand striving to put my best work out there, and I know what it’s like to invest in photos. I’d be happy to craft a specific package for you and your needs. For smaller brands, usually a creative content shoot twice a year is a great starting point for elevating your brand and maintaining a consistent visual story. You probably don’t need a social media manager yet, but having fresh images is always a good idea as you establish your brand story. Drop me a line and tell me more about who you are and what you’re doing, and we will navigate what is the best fit for you.

What does it look like for you to takeover a social media account?

Beyond content creation, Wander Creative also manages social media accounts (limited to 2 accounts at a time). Wander will produce, shoot, edit, post, write, caption, and interact with your audience on your brand’s or business’s behalf.

Due to the time intensity of this work, Wander will serve 2 clients at a time for full take-overs.

Wander offers support in Instagram management, Facebook, Pinterest, and newsletters (i.e. MailChimp) and can create a custom package according to your communication channels.



Do you offer event coverage?

Absolutely! Wander can document your event (pop ups, conferences, food truck rallies, in-store events, etc.) so you can have great marketing content after your event is wrapped.

Wander can also create social media content (i.e. Instagram stories) during an event as well so you don’t have to worry about being on your phone the whole time.

Do you offer other services beyond photography and social media management?

Wander is connected to other local talent in the creative marketing arena and would be happy to pull together a team of freelancers for your next project. If the scope of work goes beyond photography and writing, let us know what that looks like!

>> Wander knows great graphic designers, web designers, illustrators and painters, film editors, film photographers, models, and videographers.

We’d be happy to create a package to involve other freelancers, or make a great referral.



I’m a nonprofit and saw that you’re interested in offering your photo services pro bono -how can I get in touch to see if we’re a good fit?

Wander would like to collaborate with 2 nonprofits a year to giveaway creative content. If you’d like to get in touch, drop a line on our contact page and tell us about your nonprofit. We would love to hear from you and understand more about your story and your creative content needs.

  • Open to all nonprofits in LA/OC county.